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1. Engine cooling
1.1 I have been told not to use water to cool my engine.
        Is this right?
1.2 Summary of answers concerning the use of a cooling liquid other than water (anti-freeze or four seasons).
1.3 What is the best liquid or mixture for cooling an old engine?
  2. Motor oils
2.1 Are present day Dynolite motor oils compatible with metals that used to be used in engines?
2.2 What are the roles of detergent and dispersant additives contained in motor oils?
2.3 My engine does not have an "oil filter" (paper, felt or cotton filter).
        Can I still use modern detergent and dispersant oils?
2.4 I have heard that modern oils eat into the rubber seals/gaskets. Is this true?
2.5 Dynolite markets motor oils under the names of PW and APG.
        What is the difference between these oils?
2.6 My engine dates back to 1920 and I have heard that I should use a monograde oil. Is this true?
2.7 Why can I not use a modern commercially available oil for my engine?
2.8 I have just bought an old vehicle and do not know the type of oil that was used in it..
        What should I do?
2.9 I have a "valveless" engine. What oil should I use?
2.10 Is there a major technical advantage to using synthetic type oils in old engines?
2.11 What can you tell us about castor oil and its use today?
  3. Gear lubricating oils
3.1 Does the "Transoil" range contain additives that are harmful for metals?
3.2 Changing gears is heavy work when my vehicle is cold.
        Which oil should I be using?
3.3 Vehicles of the 1950s should use EP80 or EP90.
        Can I use EP80/90 ?
3.4 What is a "semi fluid" lubricant?
3.5 I have a veteran car whose maintenance booklet specifies the use of oils for steam engines or 600w. What does this mean exactly?
  4. Miscellaneous lubricants
4.1 Should I put Molybdéne grease between the leaf springs?
4.2 For my steering box, my maintenance manual advises me to mix grease with oil.
        But won't the oil tend to separate from the grease?
4.3 Which lubricant should I use for a steering rack?
4.4 I am going to be away for 2 years. What steps should I take when garaging my car over this period?