High Performance Lubricants
Specifically created
for Veteran, Vintage, and Classic
Cars and Motorcycles.

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It is the lack of suitable oils that made Dynolite create a specific range of lubricants.

The lubricants currently sold on the market, although they are of very high technological quality, are not suitable for old cars or motorbikes. They are too fluid, not oily enough and their additives only apply to modern mechanical assemblies and materials. In fact, modern lubricants are bad for the correct mechanical functioning and metals and joints that used to be used in car manufacturing.

Dynolite has developed a complete range of oils and lubricants for cars and motorbikes made before 1914, between the two wars and after 1945. Dynolite lubricants exceed the specifications required at the time. They are only formulated from high quality components and are only combined with additives specially selected for their compatibility with metals and joints used in the past.

Dynolite's philosophy stands out for its complete range, offering specific lubricants for engines, gearboxes, steering gearboxes, as well as greases, even special chassis grease. In terms of mechanical protection, Dynolite supplies lubricants that are far superior to those usually found on the market for the simple reason that they have been specially developed for your vehicle. You thus benefit from increased protection, a higher oil pressure combined with a lower degree of acid and corrosion attack, less gumming and mud formation.

Dynolite invites you to consult its database which will show you which engine oil, gearbox oil and gear oil is required by each brand and model of vehicle.

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